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General Health

general health with MSMMSM has a history of safe and effective support for connective tissue, while ongoing research suggests that it may also provide nutritional support for a variety of functions in the body critical for good health.

OptiMSM is 34% sulfur by weight. Sulfur is an important nutrient, and while available in many fresh foods, is easily destroyed by most modern day processing and cooking methods. This means that most people are probably not getting enough sulfur from their diet to support optimal health.

Sulfur plays an important role in the synthesis of glutathione—one of the most important antioxidants that the body produces. Glutathione serves a critical role in detoxification by neutralizing free radicals, supporting the immune system and detoxifying the liver.

Human and animal studies suggests that OptiMSM supports:
  • A healthy immune response*
  • Oxidative damage protection*
  • Liver health and metabolism*

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